Apogee Symphony PCI-E

Apogee Symphony PCI-E
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Herstellertext von Apogee Symphony PCI-E: What could you do with 96 channels of I/O?...... mehr
Produktinformationen "Apogee Symphony PCI-E"
  • 32 Kanäle 24Bit/192kHzDigital
  • Anschluss Rosetta 200/800
  • kompatibel mit Core Audio OSX
Herstellertext von Apogee Symphony PCI-E:

What could you do with 96 channels of I/O?...

Introducing Symphony, a multi-channel PCI Express
card designed specifically for use with Apple’s
Macintosh computers.

...express yourself.
Apogee’s Symphony PCI Express card is a digital computer interface that is based on the PCI-Express architecture for Apple’s Macintosh computers. Controlled by Apogee’s Maestro software, Symphony features 32 channels of digital I/O on a single PCI-Express card format. With support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, Symphony can be used as a digital router or patch-bay when connected to external converters or other digital outboard equipment. Software drivers for Symphony feature extensive routing capabilities and very low latency performance making very high channel, high quality native recording with Apogee converters a reality. Symphony is the professional audio standard for native workstations

up to 192 simultaneous channels of audio.

With the ability to install three cards in Apple’s G5, Symphony is the only connectivity solution that offers high end, professional users the capability to utilize up to 192 channels of audio simultaneously in a single computer, providing more than enough I/O for even the biggest scoring sessions.

take control with maestro.
Maestro is an innovative software interface between OS X applications (OS 10.4 and above) and Apogee hardware. Maestro is capable of controlling Apogee hardware I/O connected to the computer via FireWire, Symphony, (Apogee’s PCI Express card), or both at the same time.

Maestro features, multiple low latency mixers, hardware control panels, an input/output routing matrix that is compatible with Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X and a universal control platform for using Apogee hardware in combination with Ensemble.

maestro at a glance:
• Control panel for Ensemble, Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X.
• 2 Low latency mixers per connected device
• Complete I/O routing matrix
• Mic preamp controls for Ensemble
• Output/headphone gain controls for Ensemble

the total native solution.
The sound quality and versatility of Apogee converters in combination with Symphony and a high-end CoreAudio application, creates the most powerful 32-plus channel workstation available, at a lower cost per channel than any other system.

Macintosh, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are registered trademarks of Apple Computer

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