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Herstellertext von ART Pro Split: PROSplit Mikrofonverzweiger mit Übertrager... mehr
Produktinformationen "ART Pro Split"
  • Mikrofon Split Box
  • Trafo symmetriert
  • PAD Schalter
  • Ground Lift Schalter
  • Frequenzgang 20Hz-20KHz
Herstellertext von ART Pro Split:

Mikrofonverzweiger mit Übertrager

  • Ein Direktsignal und ein mittels Übertrager galvanisch getrenntes Signal aus einem Mikrofon-Eingangssignal
  • Phantomspeisung wird zum Direktausgang durchgeleitet
  • Ground-Lift-Schalter für den getrennten Ausgang, um Störungen durch Masseschleifen zu verringern
  • Schaltbare Dämpfung (PAD) im Eingang erlaubt es alternativ, ein vorverstärktes Signal mit Line-Pegel in die beiden Mikrofonausgänge einzuspeisen
ProSplit - Transformer Isolated Mic Splitter

The ProSplit provides one direct output and one transformer isolated output from a single microphone. Applications include sending the direct output to the main or Front-of-House mixer, with the second isolated output being sent to a monitor or recording mixer. The direct output passes phantom power from the main mixer to the microphone for use with condenser microphones.

The ProSplit includes a ground-lift switch on the isolated output to reduce noise due to ground loops between connected equipment. For versatility the ProSplit also features an attenuator pad switch on the input that can be used to alternately connect a preamplified (line-level) signal to the two microphone-level ProSplit outputs.
ARTcessories™ Overiew

ARTcessories are taking the audio world by storm and quickly becoming a popular brand with musicians, DJs and studio engineers everywhere around the World. Split, combine, mix, power... you name it. On stage, in the studio, in your living room, they’re easy to use and are built to last. For those times when you need a little box to fix a big need or to make more out of a smaller project, ARTcessories has you covered. You’ll discover a robust line of useful tools which include a complete range of direct boxes, headphone amps, small mixers, mic cable combiner/splitters and much more. ARTcessories are designed to deliver affordable solutions for a multitude of audio needs for any size project.
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