Electro Harmonix SYNTH9

Electro Harmonix SYNTH9
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Herstellertext von Electro Harmonix SYNTH9: Fantastisch vielseitiges Pedal mit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Electro Harmonix SYNTH9"
  • Synthesizer Machine
  • emuliert verschiedene Synthesizer- Sounds
  • funktioniert mit jedem Tonabnehmer
  • 9 Vintage Synth- Klänge
  • Dry- und Wet-Signal mischbar
  • inklusive Netzteil
Herstellertext von Electro Harmonix SYNTH9:

Fantastisch vielseitiges Pedal mit unglaublichen Synth-Sounds, einfach zu bedienen - Lead Synth Sounds oder Sphärenklänge bis zu funky Synthbass-Grooves

Quick Specs
- Transforms the tone of your guitar or bass into that of a vintage synthesizer
- 9 presets that were created to emulate many of the most popular synthesizer sounds ever
- Works on guitar or bass without modifications, special pickups or MIDI implementation
- The SYNTH9’s usable tracking range extends up to about the 23rd fret on the high-E string of a standard guitar and down to the open A-string on a bass guitar
- Use the SYNTH9 with a B9 or C9 Organ Machine as well as the KEY9 Electric Piano Machine and MEL9 Tape Replay Machine to create your own mega-keyboard setup
- EHX 9.6DC-200 PSU included


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