Electro Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Machine

Electro Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Machine
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Herstellertext von Electro Harmonix MEL9: Das polyphone MEL9 emuliert die legendären... mehr
Produktinformationen "Electro Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Machine"
  • Tape Replay Machine
  • legendäre Mellotron- Keyboardsounds
  • 9 Presets
  • Effektsound zumischbar
  • Unabhängige Effekt und Dry Lautstärke
  • incl. Netzteil
Herstellertext von Electro Harmonix MEL9:

Das polyphone MEL9 emuliert die legendären Vintage Mellotron Keyboardsounds mit der selben Technologie wie die erfolgreichen KEY9, B9 oder C9 Pedale; funktioniert auch mit Bass-Gitarre


Quick Specs
- Pays homage to nine of the coolest Mellotron® sounds: Orchestra, Cello, Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Low Choir and High Choir
- Works on guitar without modifications, special pickups or MIDI implementation and tracks bends, slides, even whammy dive bombs!
- Also works with bass guitar down to the open A string as well as keyboards within the limits of its polyphony (5 notes) and range (A1 to A5)
- Includes independent Effect and Dry volume controls so you can create the perfect mix at the Effects output
- Dry Output jack outputs your input signal at unity gain
- Attack control sets the volume swell speed. As it’s turned clockwise the notes fade in more gradually
- Sustain control adjusts the release time after a sound is stopped. As it’s turned clockwise, the fade out time increase
- Comes with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA PSU
- Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)
- Dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)


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