EBS BassIQ Blue Label

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Analoger Envelope-Filter / Touchwah 3 Modi: Up / Up-R / Down Regler: Threshold / Q / Attack... mehr
Produktinformationen "EBS BassIQ Blue Label"
  • Analoger Envelope-Filter / Touchwah
  • 3 Modi: Up / Up-R / Down
  • Regler: Threshold / Q / Attack
  • Filter: Full Range / Band Pass / Low Pass
  • True Bypass
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EBS BassIQ Blue Label


The EBS BassIQ produces sounds ranging from classic auto-wah effects to spaced out ”Funkadelic” and synth-bass sounds. It is for everyone looking for a fun, fat sounding and responsive envelope filter that reacts to how you play in a musical way.

Q, Threshold & Attack-controls

The Threshold and Attack control knobs set the sensitivity of how the pedal responds to your playing. The sensitivity is the key to create a great variety of sounds from synth-bass, to wah-effects or sub-bass. A separate control changes the Q value to create even more variation in the sound character. The higher the Q value, the sharper the effect. All sounds are depending on how you set the Q value in conjunction with Threshold and Attack.

Up, Up-R & Down-modes

In the Up mode, the pedal responds with a wah effect. Turn the Q knob all the way up to get distinct ‘quacky’ wah sounds (like the HiQ mode of the old BassIQ). Turn the Q knob back for a more mellow effect. To get a sub-bass sound, use the UP mode and turn Threshold all the way down and Attack all the way up. In the Down mode, you will achieve various types of synth bass sounds. The UP-R mode works like UP but also interacts with an internal control that changes the range of the envelope effect.

Pass filters

The three different types of pass filters, Full Range, Band Pass, and Low Pass, offer three variations of your sound at any time. Find a sound setting you like, and then try the different pass filter options, and each of them will change the character of the sound.

Internal controls

Trim pots are found inside to set the Gain output level of the pedal, a High Pass mix-in trim pot sets the level of high frequencies from the bypassed tone to mix in with the effect. A third trim pot decides the Range of the envelope effect in the pedals UP-R mode setting. Use these options carefully to tailor the pedal's response to match your personal needs perfectly.

The EBS Bass IQ Blue Label replaces the previous Bass IQ model from now on. The new pedal also has a 12% reduced footprint.


  • Preserve the low range
  • Suitable for live and studio use
  • Flexible envelope filter
  • Q, Threshold & Attack-controls
  • Up, UP-R and Down modes
  • Low Pass, Band Pass & Full Range filters
  • Internal controls for fine tuning
  • True Bypass


  • Nominal Input Level:  -10 dBv

  • Input Impedance:  1.8 Mohms

  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms

  • Dry Bandwidth +0/-2 dB:  20 - 20k Hz

  • Filter:
    Range 100 - 2.5k Hz Q 0.7 - 15
    Mode Down/Up-Range/Up
    Type Low Pass, Band Pass, Full Range

  • Threshold: -50 - +6 dBv

  • Attack Time (80%): 50 ms - 2 s

  • Dimensions: W x H x D 2.6” x 4.5” x 1.9” (67 x 115 x 48 mm)

  • Weight: 315g (0.7 lb.)

  • Type: Analog Effect, Relay type Switching

  • Power Requirements: 9, 12 or 18 V DC, 55 mA max. Pedal shuts off below 6.0 V

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* EBS Recommend the use of the EBS AD9 Pro DC adapter.
The adapter can supply up to twenty pedals at the same time.


Bild von Patrick Höss Patrick Höss
0711 5109800